From Consultant to CEO: Guillermo Avila’s Story on the Hello Chaos Podcast

I’m excited to share that I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Jennifer Sutton on the Hello Chaos Podcast to discuss my entrepreneurial journey and the lessons I’ve learned along the way as the founder of 365 Digital Technologies.

The Importance of Trust in Building a Successful Team

During the podcast, I emphasized how crucial trust is in forming a cohesive and successful team. Trust is the foundation that supports effective collaboration and a positive work environment. I shared my experiences in fostering trust within my team, which I believe is essential for any business aiming for growth and success.

Transitioning from Consultant to CEO

One of the significant transitions in my career was moving from a consultant role to the position of CEO. This shift came with its own set of challenges and learning curves. In the podcast, I discuss these hurdles and how I managed to navigate them. I also touch on some valuable advice I received about carrying myself as a CEO, which helped shape my leadership style.

My Experience in the Greenville Chamber of Commerce Minority Business Accelerator Program

A highlight of my journey has been participating in the Greenville Chamber of Commerce Minority Business Accelerator program. This program played a pivotal role in shaping my business strategies and boosting my confidence. I talked about the impact it had on my approach to pricing and other critical business decisions.

Hiring for Culture and Leading a Growing Company

Another key topic we discussed was the importance of hiring employees who align with the company culture. I explained how crucial it is to find team members who share the same values and vision as the company. Leading a growing business requires a significant mindset shift, and I shared my insights on how to manage this transition effectively.

Practical Tips and Inspiring Stories

Throughout the conversation, I shared practical tips and inspiring stories from my entrepreneurial journey. Whether you’re just starting or looking to scale your business, these insights can provide valuable guidance and motivation.

I invite you to join me for this candid conversation on the Hello Chaos Podcast and gain a deeper understanding of the entrepreneurial journey from my perspective. Don’t miss this episode filled with actionable advice and motivational stories.