Dependable and Consistent

Purpose-Driven Relationships

The 365 Digital Technologies Ltd. Co. team puts client satisfaction first. We treat your problems like our own. Our wide range of expertise, optimistic approach, and ability to tackle even what seems impossible drives positive results for your business.

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A Personalized Approach

Consultative and Intentional Solutions

We know that every project needs a different approach. We are able to see positive results by tailoring the scope of work to your specific problem. You can depend on our team to make your investment go far while providing the best customer service possible.

Our Core Values

Focus on Client Success and Satisfaction

When our clients win, we win.

Provide Specified Value

We specialize value to each client based on their needs and desires.

Value Diversity and Inclusion

We value and accept the differences between people, both seen  and unseen. We cultivate a collaborative and supportive environment where individuals feel respected and valued for their contributions.

Exhibit Dependability

We are consistent in our performance and behavior. Our clients and coworkers can always rely on us.

Possess Grit

We are committed to combining passion and perseverance to achieve long-term goals. We are not afraid to do hard things.

Build Trust in Every Relationship

We are transparent, consistent, and genuine in all of our interactions.

Let’s Get To Work

Let’s talk about how our Core Values can have a positive impact on your company’s technology solutions.

“From the first time I met with 365 Digital Technologies Ltd. Co. I was thoroughly impressed with their professionalism, knowledge, and intelligence. Bill with 365 Digital Technologies Ltd. Co. is a creative thinker and is willing to do what it takes to solve any issues.”

Shelley Janowski
Sr Business Development Executive

“The 365 Digital Technologies Ltd. Co. team has been the project manager on our highly complex web project for about 2 years now. Their persistence and leadership skills have really helped us get the project through completion. They ask the right questions, have great communication and organization skills, keep us on track, as well as our vendors in a way that is constructive and focused on the goal at hand.”

Delphine Caraguel
Director of Marketing and Product Management

“The 365 Digital Technologies Ltd. Co. team is project managing our D365 implementation at Kariout. They have great communication and organization skills. With their rich experience, they have helped us to be more efficient to get things done.”

Rehana Zhu
Customer Sales Representative

Client Satisfaction

Our Clients Always Come First

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Our Leadership Team

Equipped to Serve You

Our foundation is to provide excellent and personalized customer support no matter the technology problems you are facing. Our leadership thrives on ensuring the entire 365 Digital Technologies Ltd. Co. team is building trust in every relationship created with our clients.

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Guillermo Avila

CEO, Chief Project Consultant

As the CEO of 365 Digital Technologies Ltd. Co., Guillermo brings over 30 years of experience and passion for technology, innovation, and leadership. In 2019, Guillermo took his experience and vision for a project consulting company that put their core values and customer service at the center and started 365 Digital Technologies Ltd. Co.

Guillermo has been able to drive the 365 Digital Technologies Ltd. Co. performance across the United States helping various companies and enterprises with ERP deployments, enterprise project management, project rescue consulting, and CIO advisory.

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication and Master of Arts in Business Management, Guillermo has always had a passion for leadership. Guillermo has a diverse background in complex enterprise level projects and consultative experience with notable companies like Fluor, Shinola, Filson, Atcc, and Beatbox.

Guillermo is actively involved as a mentor with the Hispanic Alliance. Because of Guillermo’s leadership, 365 Digital Technologies Ltd. Co. proudly sponsors various minority scholarships in honor of his parents; the Guillermo and Julia Avila Scholarship Fund.

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Elaine Avila

Director of Operations

With extensive experience in operations management within the technology consulting industry, Elaine’s role as the Director of Operations is vital to driving the success and efficiency of 365 Digital Technologies Ltd. Co. Her expertise spans budget management, logistics, program development, and stakeholder engagement.

Following receiving her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Elaine has gained over 10 years of experience as an operations expert in the nonprofit space. She has successfully managed diverse teams, streamlined processes, and optimized resources to ensure smooth functioning ventures. In 2019, Elaine changed direction to support her husband, Guillermo, in starting 365 Digital Technologies Ltd. Co.

Elaine is committed to giving back to the community through philanthropy and service. She strives to serve those in need by participating in and organizing community events like mentoring with the Frazee Center and volunteering with church. Because of Elaine’s leadership, 365 Digital Technologies Ltd. Co. proudly sponsors scholarships through Women Confidence Builders, Hispanic Alliance of South Carolina, and Upstate International.

Community Involvement

Making a Mark on Local Small Business

While we serve clients nationwide, we are also committed to serving our local community of Greenville. Our business has thrived from the support of this community and we want to do our part to continue fueling the small businesses of Greenville.

Speaking Engagements

Not only are we involved with local organizations, but our founder and CEO, Guillermo Avila, actively engages in the community and nationwide through speaking events, panel discussions, podcasts, and webinars. We are truly grateful for the impact this community has made on our business so sharing our growth and success is our way of paying it forward.