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Impeccable Project Management Services
Are you looking for a tech company that can help you implement your plans? At 365 Digital Technologies, we are here to provide the project consulting solutions that you require! Our team in Mauldin, SC goes to great lengths to ensure that we’ll deliver results that will meet or exceed your expectations. You can also count on us for effective project rescue assistance. Please continue reading to explore our project consulting and management initiatives.

Cost-Effective Project Management Solutions

For more than two decades, we have been showing our commitment to the highest standards in the tech industry. Our specialists use their extensive expertise in project management, enterprise deployments, project rescues, and project consultations to support our clients’ ventures. Partner with us to join our long list of highly satisfied clients.


Our Project Consulting Methodology

Your Project Manager Will

  1. Review and validate project scope, schedule, support, risks, and issues.
  2. Assess the project resources, process, and tool. During that time, your project manager will make recommendations.
  3. Develop any action plans with key leadership.
  4. Assess the current project methodology and effectiveness and make recommendations.
  5. Drive the project to success!

Project Offerings

What is a Project Rescue?

Projects fail when a number of factors do not meet expectations: quality, scope, schedule, budget, and unqualified consultants. In many cases, this occurs when the project plan is not defined or the RAIDD log (risks, actions, issues, dependencies, and decisions) is not accurately reported or updated. The rescue is meant to get the project back on track by knocking out the barriers to success that should be defined in the RISK or ISSUE log, and in some cases, replace the consulting talent.